Cadi Ayyad University and the Moroccan Association of Probability and Statistics organize the 8th edition of “International Workshop on Perspectives On High-dimensional Data Analysis (HDDA-VIII-2018)”.This edition will be held in Marrakesh from 9th to 13th April 2018.

The technical development is allowing scientist to collect data of increasingly unprecedented size and complexity. Many times this data consist in hundred and thousand observations across subjects (or units) generating massive high-dimensional datasets. Examples include epigenomic data, genomic data, proteomic data, high-resolution image data, high frequency financial data, functional and longitudinal data, and network data.This wealth of information has originated new problems (such as collinearity and high-dimensionality analysis) faced by new statistical development to solve problems such as variable selection, parameter estimation, clustering and prediction.

The purpose of this workshop is to foster the interaction of researcher in the area of high-dimensional data analysis and stimulate research.  It will provide a venue for participants to meet leading researches of this field in an intimate setting, providing maximal chance for interaction and discussion. The objectives include:

  1. Highlighting and expanding the breadth of existing methods in high-dimensional data analysis and their potential for the advance of both mathematical and statistical sciences;
  2. Identifying important directions for future research in the theory of regularization methods, in algorithmic development, and in methodology for different application areas;
  3. Facilitating collaboration between theoretical and subject-area researchers; and
  4. Providing opportunities for highly qualified personnel to meet and interact with leading researchers from countries around the world.

This workshop is the 8th in a sequence of workshops on the Perspectives on High-dimensional Data Analysis that took place in:

HDDA-I, 2011, Fields Institute, Canada
HDDA-II, 2012, Centre de Recherches Mathématiques, Canada
HDDA-III, 2013, University of British Columbia, Canada
HDDA-IV, 2014, Banff International Research Station, Canada
HDDA-V, 2015, University of Victoria, Canada
HDDA-VI, 2016, Fields Institute, Canada
HDDA-VII, 2017, CIMAT, Mexico